NEUY is a distributed Artificial Intelligence service platform capable of running a wide selection of A.I. inspired applications.

Crypto Analysis

Neuy Crypto App utilizes the Neuy A.I. Network Vision and NLP to analyze Crypto Market Sentiment, Memes, Latest most relavent News and Tracking down Airdrops.

Stock Analysis

Stock hunter is your personal AI research assistant, reducing your research to just a handful of stocks rather than the entire market.

NEUYAI Contributor

Earn NEUY tokens daily by becoming a NEUY AI  contributor.

NEUY Staking

Neuy Staking is coming soon.
Earn NEUY tokens just by holding

JPEG Compress

Reduce is an image file size reduction tool, designed to convert between +50 image formats into the smallest possible JPEG without compromising image quality and clarity.

AI Vision

Use any of over +25 and growing number of different image classification and object detection models. From AI Art, Food Recognition, GPS Prediction, NSFW, Environment, Age, etc...

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