Waves: WAVES $19.139 USD   -2.47%
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Waves is a cryptocurrency that describes itself as a “decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations.”

Sector(s): Blockchain

Holders: 0
Type: ERC20
FD Market Cap: $1913.9 Mil
Avail Supply: 100000000
Total Supply: 100000000
Sentiment Rank: #1008
Meme Rank: #190
Binance: $19.13
Coinbase: $19.29
FTX: $19
Chainlink: $19.4

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Sun Dec 05 15:10:03
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Sun Dec 05 14:49:04


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IMAGE WORDS: óme r/SafeMoon Q A Lets goo, SFM article on Conmarketcap? Bitcoin Ethereum US$48 604,74 Binance Co US$4 051,19 US$554,48 V 1,41% 3,36% 3,32% Gainers Losers See All Based on Top 100 Coins W UNUS SED LEO Waves PancakeSw US$3,613 US$19,88 US$11,60 A 7,61% A 3,94% 2,69% News See Alr SafeMoon crashes 70% in a month yet adds 25k new holders in two weeks Finbold 1h ago SHIB Whales Dumped $400 Million on Market in Last 24 Hours U. Today • 1h ago 4 Vote + 1 Share GO

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Tue Dec 07 02:04:33
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